Karnataka Board 2nd PUC Physics Textbook 2022-23

Physics is such an intricate subject that getting students to comprehend and appreciate the subject is no easy job. The Karnataka Board 2nd PUC Physics Textbook helps to show connection of concepts in different areas of Physics and to see its applications in daily life or in other areas of Science. The KSEEB 2nd PUC books for Physics help to make the concepts discussed in the subject more comprehensible. Students wishing to pursue Physics further would find the book very useful. The subject also aims to provide students with opportunities for interactive demonstrations/experiments.

KSEEB 2nd PUC Physics Books 2022-23

The Physics book for 2nd PUC is available in two parts. Students can access the chapter wise pdfs of the Karnataka PU Board Physics Textbook in English Medium from the links given in the table below:

Download Karnataka Board 2nd PUC Physics Textbook Free Chapter Wise PDFs

KSEEB 2nd PUC Physics Textbook- Part 1

Chapter 1 Electric Charges and Fields Download Free PDF
Chapter 2 Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance Download Free PDF
Chapter 3 Current Electricity Download Free PDF
Chapter 4 Moving Charges and Magnetism Download Free PDF
Chapter 5 Magnetism and Manner Download Free PDF
Chapter 6 Electromagnetic Induction Download Free PDF
Chapter 7 Alternating Current Download Free PDF
Chapter 8 Electromagnetic Waves Download Free PDF
Answers Download Free PDF

KSEEB 2nd PUC Physics Textbook- Part 2

Chapter 9 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Download Free PDF
Chapter 10 Wave Optics Download Free PDF
Chapter 11 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Download Free PDF
Chapter 12 Atoms Download Free PDF
Chapter 13 Nuclei Download Free PDF
Chapter 14 Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits Download Free PDF
Appendices Download Free PDF

By referring to the above list of chapters, students can see that some of the concepts covered in the Physics part 1 book include Basic Properties of Electric Charge, Coulomb’s Law, Electric Dipole, Potential Energy in an External Field, Combination of Capacitors, Kirchhoff’s Rules, Meter Bridge, The Moving Coil Galvanometer, Magnetism and Gauss’s Law, Faraday’s Law of Induction, LC Oscillations, Transformers, Electromagnetic Spectrum and so on.

At the same time, the concepts from Physics Part 2 Book consist of Refraction, Optical Instruments, Huygens Principle, Diffraction, Polarisation, Photoelectric Effect, Wave Nature of Matter, Atomic Spectra, DE Broglie’s Explanation of Bohr’s Second Postulate of Quantisation, Nuclear Force, p-n Junction, Digital Electronics and Logic Gates and more.

Students can also download the complete books from the table given below:

Karnataka Board 2nd PUC Books 2022-23

Karnataka Board 2nd PUC Physics Part 2 Book – 1
Karnataka Board 2nd PUC Physics Part 2 Book – 2

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