Class 10 Karnataka Board Syllabus for Mathematics & Science | 2018-2019

Preparation for any examination always starts with having a copy of syllabus in hand, by doing this you are already reducing the studying time by half. Experts from the examination team has always shed light on the importance of using syllabus while studying. Knowledge on how to use syllabus while studying plays a big role too.


  • Tones down an entire chapter which otherwise looks very unappealing
  • Lists out the objectives of a particular chapter
  • Outlines an informative course of action for students
  • Gives a time frame under which a chapter is expected to be taught by teachers, helping them organize classes efficiently
  • Helps students know what is expected from them

Karnataka secondary education examination board ( KSEEB) conducts examinations every year for approximately 8-9 lakhs students in Karnataka alone. Examinations for students of class 10 Karnataka state boards are generally conducted in the month of March and the supplementary examinations are conducted in June – July.

For class 10 syllabus from the Karnataka board, please click on the link for respective subjects.

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