Karnataka 2nd PUC Chemistry Important Questions

Many students believe that studying from the Karnataka state puc board books encompassing all the subjects that come under the II PU Chemistry syllabus will make them well-equipped to do the board exams well. However, that is not so. While books may be an important source for learning, it needs to be supplemented with additional resources and study material inclusive of the Karnataka 2nd PUC Chemistry Important Questions. This comes in handy for a student who wish to score high for 2nd PUC Chemistry exam of the Karnataka puc board

List of compiled 2nd PUC Chemistry Important Questions

  1. What is Frenkel defect? How does it affect the density of the solid?
  2. How anisole reacts with bromine in ethanoic acid? Write the chemical equation for the reaction.
  3. Give an example each for

a) Artificial sweetening agents

b) Narcotic analgesics

4. The boiling point of benzene is 353.23 K. When 1.80 g of a non-volatile, non-ionisable solute was dissolved in 90 g of benzene, the boiling point raised to 354.11 K. Calculate the molar mass of the solute. [

\(\begin{array}{l}K_{b}\end{array} \)
for benzene = 2.53 K Kg
\(\begin{array}{l}mol^{-1}\end{array} \)

5. What is heterogeneous catalysis? Give an example.

6. Write Haworth structure of “Lactose”.

i) What are non-essential amino acids?

ii) Write Zwitter ionic structure of “glycine”.

Name the nitrogenous base present in RNA but not in DNA.

7. Explain Kolbe’s Reaction

8. What is the role of following chemicals in food?

  1. Saccharine (b) Sodium Benzoate

9. Mention any two differences between ideal and non-ideal solutions

10. State Kohlrausch law

11. What is heterogeneous Catalysis? Give examples

12. Explain Carbylamine reaction

13. Name the monomers used in the manufacture of Nylon -6, 6

14. What is Lanthanoid contraction? Mention one of its examples

15. Explain Rosenmund’s reduction of benzoyl chloride

16. Mention a drug that can act as both analgesic as well as an antipyretic.

17. Name an artificial sweetening agent.

18. Calculate the packing efficiency in simple cubic lattice

19. State Henry’s law. Write its mathematical terms

20. Draw a labelled diagram of Standard Hydrogen Electrode(SHE). Write its half cell reaction and E Alt+0176 value

21. Give 3 differences between physisorption and chemisorption

Why Solve Karnataka 2nd PUC Chemistry Important Questions?

These questions are compiled after a thorough analysis of the karnataka 2nd pu board question papers thus identifying the recurring questions. We, at BYJU’S in support to the students have compiled a list important questions from 2nd PUC Chemistry.

  • These questions cover important topics
  • Contains mostly repeated or likely to repeat questions
  • More practice for students
  • Students learn the subject better

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