Karnataka Class 9 Science Important Questions

Karnataka State Board Class 9 is an important year for the students, as their foundation in this year will determine their performance in higher classes. So, for this students prepare well for the upcoming exams. For students of Class 9, Maths and Science are equally important subjects. Now, here we will take a look at the importance of Class 9 Science. Students are usually interested in this subject, as it deals with infinite physical phenomenons that occur around us. From derivations to physical derivations to numbers, learning science can be challenging and will require a lot of practice. For this, the Karnataka Class 9 Science Important Questions can be useful.

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Class 9 Science Important Questions

  1. Match the following:
SI No. Part A Part B
1 CNG Newton
2 LPG In Hospital
3 Oxygen Cylinder Compressed Natural Gas
4 Weight Liquid Petroleum Gas

2. Convert the following temperature to celsius scale

  1. 293K (B) 470K

3. Mention the effects of force

4. What is the role of epidermis in plants?

5. Mention the factors affecting evaporation

6. Compare the use of manure and fertilizers in maintaining soil fertilizer

7. Draw a label diagram of a Neuron

8. Draw a neat diagram of a plant cell and name the following:

  1. Nucleus (b)Chloroplast (c)Cytoplasm (d)Mitochondria

9. Calculate the momentum of a toy car of mass 200gm moving with a speed of 5 m/s

(a) 2.2 kg (b) 1 kg m/s (c) 2 kg m/s (d) 40 gm /s

10. What does the odometer of an automobile measure

11. Where do the lipids and protein s constituting the cell membrane get synthesized ?


12. State the law of conservation of linear momentum

13. An egg sinks in fresh water but floats in highly salty water give reason.

14. What are the characteristics of the particles of nature?

15. Liquids generally have lower density as compared to solids. But you must have observed that ice floats on water. Find out why

16. Suggest a method to liquefy atmospheric gases

17. What mass of potassium nitrate would be needed to produce a saturated solution of potassium nitrate in 50 grams of water at 313 K?

18. Calculate the number of aluminium ions present in 0.051 g of aluminium oxide

19. Draw a sketch of Bohr’s model of an atom with three shells

20. Explain the basis for grouping organisms into five kingdoms.

So, now to start preparing for the exams. Wondering how these questions can help you? See here:

Why Should Students Solve Karnataka Class 9 Science Important Questions?

These questions have been prepared after proper analysis of the mid term and model question papers that are available and identifying the recurring questions and those that cover the important aspects of the subject.

  • It gives students practice
  • Students appear more confident in exams
  • They are able to self-assess their progress on the subject
  • Plan their study time better

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