Class 9 - Karnataka State Board Syllabus (2018-19)

Syllabus act like organising tool. It functions like a contract between student, teacher and board. It explains clearly about chapters, topics covered, allotted assignments and activities involved. In brief Syllabus talks on goals and structure of one particular subject. Having revised syllabus will help the student in planning for study. He/She can easily follow the syllabus for better understanding of subject without leaving any topics.

Class 9 Karnataka State board syllabus is prescribed by Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board commonly known as KSEEB. Members of KSEEB have several years of experience and expertise in designing the syllabus. Committee pics topics covering entire spectrum(that is from Social science , Literature, Life Science, Mathematics to Current Scenarios.)and categorise them under 6 major streams. They are Science, Mathematics, Social Science and three languages. Student will get a chance to choose his/her preferred language.

Here major subjects like Science, Social science and mathematics are further segregated into subdivisions. That is Science has three major sections called Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Mathematics has Aithmatic, algebra, Statistics, Geometry, Similarly Social science has history, civics, geography. These divisions and subdivisions of each subject made student to visualise the structure very well.

Click the link below for Karnataka State Board-class 9 Syllabus for Mathematics and Science:

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