Karnataka Board SSLC (Class 10) Textbooks For Science, Social Science, Maths, English and Kannada

Karnataka SSLC Text Books for Class 10 play a vital role in the life of a student, especially if the student is from KSEEB Class 10 since to excel in board examinations a thorough knowledge of the contents of the textbooks are as important as performing well in examinations. These books by the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board are curated for students after a deep understanding of student’s calibre along with keeping up with the latest in Science and Technology, so that a student does not feel alienated once he/she has passed out and put out to explore different options/career-paths.

KSEEB SSLC Books 2021-22

Karnataka SSLC textbook free download pdf is developed by experts from the research and training team of the Karnataka SSLC board, which continuously aims at providing quality education, hence students over the years students find it easy to go through textbooks and self-study. These 10th standard textbooks allow you to explore a particular topic as per the Karnataka Class 10 Syllabus. You can fully immerse yourself in its depth to gain a complete understanding of a topic which would help you as a student to remember its contents for a long time to come without much effort. Here, you can find accessible links as well as chapter wise information about the subjects Mathematics, Science, Social and English.

Karnataka SSLC (10th Standard) Subject Wise Text Books

Karnataka SSLC Textbooks are very important to study. It contains the content to be learned and contains the syllabus topics. It is a framework or guide that helps students to organize their learning. While preparing for exam students should refer to their Karnataka 10th Standard Textbook to clear their doubts.

Download Karnataka State (SSLC) Class 10 Maths Textbook In PDF

In the table given below, we have provided Karnataka State (SSLC) Class 10 Maths textbook in pdf format for English as well as Kannada medium

Download Karnataka Board SSLC (Class 10) Science Textbook in PDF

Students of Class 10 can access Karnataka Board SSLC (Class 10) Science Textbook in PDF by clicking the below-mentioned links.

Download Karnataka Board SSLC (Class 10) Social Science Textbook in PDF

In the table given below, we have compiled Karnataka Board SSLC Class 10 Social Science textbook in PDF for students.

Download Karnataka Board SSLC (Class 10) English Textbook in PDF

Here, we have compiled Karnataka Board SSLC Class 10 English textbook in PDF for students.

Download Karnataka Board SSLC (Class 10) Kannada Textbook in PDF

Given below, we have provided the Karnataka Board SSLC Class 10 Kannada textbook in PDF for students.

Chapter Wise Detail About Karnataka Board Class 10 Maths Textbook

Unit No. Unit Name
1 Arithmetic Progressions
2 Triangles
3 Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables
4 Circles
5 Areas Related to Circles
7 Coordinate Geometry
Real Numbers
Answers / Hints
Unit No. Unit Name
10 Quadratic Equations
11 Introduction To Trigonometry
12 Some Applications Of Trigonometry
13 Statistics
14 Probability
15 Surface Areas and Volumes
A1 Proofs in Mathematics
A2 Mathematical Modeling
Answers / Hints

Chapterwise Detail About Karnataka Board Class 10 Science Textbook

S. No. Chapter No. Chapter Name
I 1 Chemical Reactions and Equations
II 2 Acids, Bases, and Salts
III 3 Metals and Non-metals
IV 6 Life Processes
V 7 Control and Coordination
VI  12 Electricity
VII 13 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
VIII 15 Our Environment
S. No. Unit No. Unit Name
I Carbon and its Compounds
II 5 Periodic Classification of Elements
III 8 How do Organisms Reproduce?
IV 9 Heredity and Evolution
V 10 Light – Reflection and Refraction
VI 11 The Human Eye and the Colourful World
VII 14 Sources of Energy
VIII 16 Sustainable Management of Natural Resources

Chapterwise Detail About Karnataka Board Class 10 Social Science Textbook


Class 10 History
1  Advent of Europeans to India
2 The Extension of British Rule
3 The Impact of British Rule in India
4 Opposition to British Rule in Karnataka
5 Social and Religious Reformation Movement
6 The First War of Indian Independence(1857)
Class 10 Political Science
1 The Problems of India and their Solutions
2 Indian Foreign Policy
3 India’s Relationship with Other Countries
Class 10 Sociology
1 Social Stratification
2 Labour
Class 10 Geography
1 Indian Position and Extension
2 Indian Physiography
3 Indian Climate
4 Indian Soils
5 Indian Forest Resources
6 Indian Water Resources
7 Indian Land Resources
Class 10 Economics
1 Development
2 Rural Development
Class 10 Business Studies
1 Bank Transactions
2 Entrepreneurship


Class 10 History
7 Freedom Movement
8 Era of Gandhi and National Movement
9 Post-Independent India
10 The Political Developments of 20th Century
Class 10 Political Science
4 Global Problems and India’s Role
5 International Institutions
Class 10 Sociology
3 Social Movements
4 Social Problems
Class 10 Geography
8 Indian Mineral and Power Resources
9 Indian Transport and Communication
10 Indian Industries
11 Indian Natural Disasters
12 Indian Population
Class 10 Economics
3 Money and Credit
4 Public Finance and Budget
Class 10 Business Studies
3 Globalisation of Business
4 Consumer Education and Protection

Why Use Karnataka (SSLC) Class 10 Science, Social Science and Maths Textbook?

Students of Class 10 should refer Karnataka (SSLC) Class 10 Maths, Science and Social Science textbook as these textbooks are farmed according to the KSEEB syllabus. With the help of the Karnataka SSLC textbooks, students can clear their doubts and improve their concepts. These SSLC textbooks are created following the latest trends in the field of Maths, Science and Social Science.

Advantages of using SSLC Textbooks:

Some advantages of using the textbooks are:

  • Very comprehensive for students to self-study
  • Analysis of the design of curriculum by students fetches brownie points
  • Helps both teachers and students in class sessions for a 2-way communication facilitating quick learning
  • In most books, it gives the pedagogical strategies to be used for a particular topic
  • Covers fun activities and experiments, keeping students engaged
  • Managing time becomes easy since it also sketches out a time frame under which a topic can be learned/taught
  • Provide references and links for further study and research on a particular topic for inquisitive students

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