Class 9 - Karnataka State Board

Unlike lower standards Class 9 Curriculum under Karnataka State Board follow mostly the pattern of Class 10. This simple modification gives clear insight for students about academic journey during next standard and help them to prepare better. The governing body for secondary education in Karnataka is Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board, popularly known as KSEEB.

KSEEB was established during the year 1964 and since then the board has been successfully conducting various board examinations. Other than conducting examinations, this body executes various activities including prescribing syllabus, devising courses of study and karnataka state board textbooks, providing funds, guidance, leadership to all secondary educational institutes registered under board.

Class 9 under Karnataka State Board follow end-year examinations. To prepare students for end/final examinations, the academic calendar schedules various examination in intermediate levels. They are:

  • Internal tests(conducted at the end of every month)
  • Mid-term examination(conducted at the end of half academic year-mostly during the month of October)
  • Preparatory examinations(This is optional exam – conducted at the end of academic year -mostly during the month of February/March and it follows the same pattern as the final exam )
  • Final examination(conducted at the end of academic year – mostly during the month of March).

Results will be announced within 20 days of examinations and teachers will guide students on area of improvisation. Thus, students will be continuously evaluated for their progress throughout the year. This continuum will benefit the overall progress of students.

The syllabus prescribed by Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board is implemented through textbooks by a group of subject experts. These textbooks are published by Karnataka Textbook Society. Syllabus acts as a solid frame for teachers and students to complete entire book systematically. Thus having right syllabus by Karnataka examination board is very crucial.

Meanwhile, students of Class 10 can find the resources for sslc board name karnataka from here.

Click the link below to get Latest Syllabus for Class 9 -Karnataka State Board:

Class 9 Karnataka State Board Syllabus
Class 9 Karnataka State Board Books
Class 9 Karnataka State Board Question Papers

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