Karnataka SSLC (Class 10) Science Important Questions 2020 - 2021

Karnataka SSLC Science Important Questions for Class 10 help students to score well in the exams. Class 10, a crucial year when the students appear for the board exams. Every subject is equally important in this year, as it’s a student’s passing marks that will determine their education in the future. More so with Class 10 Science, as its vast subject dealing with topics under Physics, Chemistry and Biology. For a student who plans to take up either PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) or PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Class 10 Science subject can be vital, as it provides them with a strong foundation in these subjects. Also, for a student preparing for the Karnataka SSLC Board Exams, along with other resources the important questions for Class 10 Science pdf can be very useful.

These questions cover all the major concepts of the subject and help students to prepare most competently for the exam. Find the links below to download Science important questions for 10th standard Karnataka.

Also, an overview of the important Class 10 Science questions compiled are given here:

  1. The processes related to organic compounds are given in Column-A and their procedures are given in Column-B. Match them and write the answer along with its letters :
Column A Column B
(i) Preparation of methane gas (i) Production of salts of fatty acids starting from oils or fats
(ii) Substitution reaction (ii) Conversion of liquid oils into solid saturated fats
(iii) Hydrogenation (iii) Heating fused sodium acetate with soda lime
(iv) Saponification (iv) Heating an aqueous solution of ammonium cyanate
(v) Burning of methane in air
(vi) Heating ethanol in the presence of acidified potassium permanganate
(vii) Exposing the mixture of methane and chlorine to ultraviolet light.

2. The schematic diagram indicating the transmission of electricity is given below :

Important Question no-2

Name the devices to be used in the places indicating “A” and “B”

3. In the manufacture of sugar, the container of the sugarcane juice is connected to a vacuum pump. Why ?

4. A person is having the symptoms of thirst and frequent urination for a long time. The blood capillaries in the retina of this person have ruptured, causing blood entering into the vitreous humour, making it opaque. Name the eye disorder found in this person.

5. What is the Doppler effect ? Mention the two applications of Doppler effect.

6. Draw the diagram of AC dynamo and label the following parts :

(i) Armature (ii) Brushes.

7. Draw a diagram of a dicot plant and label the following parts :

(i) Flower (ii) Root.

8. State Graham’s law of diffusion. Write the mathematical form of Graham’s law of diffusion. Give an example for this law.

9. How is greenhouse effect caused ? Explain. Name the greenhouse gases.

10. The molecular formula of the first member of a certain group of organic compounds is CH 2 O ( HCHO ). Determine the name and the molecular formula of the third member of this group if the members of this group are in homologous series. What is the general name for this group of organic compounds ?

11. Name the two important non-metallic oxides which cause acid rain

12. Draw the circuit symbol of n-p-n transistor.

13. Lymph plays an important role in protecting the immune system of the body. Justify this statement.

14. Draw a diagram of a blast furnace used in the extraction of iron.

15. Differentiate between Caucasoid and Mongoloid man based on their physical features.

16. What are extrinsic semiconductors ? Name the two types of extrinsic semiconductors.

17. What are ultrasonic waves ? Write any two uses of ultrasonic waves in the field of medicine

18. The graph of a wave motion is given below. Observe the graph and answer the following questions :

Important Question no-18

  1. What type of wave is represented in the graph?
  2. What do “PQ” and “PR” indicate with respect to the wave

19. Name the steps in the manufacture of common sugar from sugarcane and explain the first step.

20. State Mendel’s law of independent assortment.

Why Solve Karnataka Board SSLC (Class 10) Science Important Questions?

These questions are prepared after analysing the previous year question papers of Karnataka state examination board and identifying the questions that often repeat or are more likely to repeat. These questions also cover most of the important topics of the subject as per the Class 10 Karnataka Board Science Syllabus.

Benefits Of Solving SSLC Science Important Questions:

  • Students get practice
  • They appear more confident
  • Covers important topics
  • Students know these questions well

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