Difference between Circle and Sphere

There are a few fundamental differences between a circle and sphere which separates them both in a lot of ways. Both the circle and sphere are different, even if both are circular objects. Thus, they create a lot of confusion in understanding them. Both seem to be similar, but in reality, they have a vast difference between them. Let us have a deeper understanding of both the terms.

Definition of Circle and Sphere

  • A Circle is a two-dimensional figure whereas, a Sphere is a three-dimensional object.
  • Area of a Circle = π r2 and Area of a Sphere = 4 π r2
  • A circle has no volume and the Volume of a Sphere =4/3π r3
  • A circle has all points at the same distance from its centre along a plane, whereas in a sphere all the points are equidistant from the centre at any of the axes.
  • We can only determine the surface area in case of a Circle, while in Sphere, we can calculate the surface area as well as volume.

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What is the Difference Between Sphere and Circle?

Circle and Sphere Differences
Differentiating Property Circle Sphere
Dimensions Circle is a 2-dimensional figure. Sphere is a 3-dimensional figure.
Area Formula Area of Circle = π r2 Surface Area of a Sphere = 4 π r2
Volume Formula Circle does not have volume. Volume of a Sphere =4/3π r3
Diameter Formula Diameter of a Circle = 2 r Diameter of a Sphere = 2 r
Circumference Formula Circumference of a Circle = 2 π r Sphere does not have the circumference.
Equation Equation of a Circle = (x−a)2+(y−b)2= r2 Equation of a Sphere = (x−h)2+(y−k)2+(z−l)2=r2

Solved Examples

Q.1: What is the area of a circle whose radius is 3 cm?

Solution: Given radius of circle, r = 3 cm

Area of circle =  π r2

Therefore, Area =  π (3)2

A = 9π sq.cm.

Q.2: What is the area of a ball, whose radius is 5 cm?

Solution: A ball is a round object shaped like a sphere.

Given, the radius of the ball (r) = 5 cm

We know, area of sphere = 4 π r2

Area of the ball with radius 5 cm = 4 π 52

Area = 100π sq.cm.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is a sphere two-dimension?

A sphere is a three-dimensional shape which has an area as well as volume

How to find the area of the circle?

If r is the radius of the circle, then we can find its area using the formula: Area = π r2

What is the volume of a circle?

A circle does not have volume, it is measured in terms of its circumference and area.

What is the equation of circle and sphere?

The equation of the circle is given by (x−a)2+(y−b)2= r2
The equation of sphere is given by (x−h)2+(y−k)2+(z−l)2=r2

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