Difference Between Codomain and Range

Understanding the difference between Codomain and Range is important to know, as they are both math notions that are capable of performing mathematical functions. They are sometimes used to refer to the same output, the range is sometimes referred to as the Codomain as well. Range can also be referred to as producing the same output as Codomain and is usually referred to as the end result that is obtained. However there are a few key differences between one and the other.

Difference between Codomain and Range

Codomain is simply the set of values that includes range along with a set of additional values. Understanding the different definitions is important as it helps to clarify the differences between one and the other. Usually Codomain and Range serves the same purpose, when it comes to figuring out the output of the function. Using a Domain and Range calculator, one can easily find out the solutions to any problems presented to them.

Difference between Codomain and Range
Codomain Range
It is referred to as the range of function along with a few additional values. It is defined as the subset of the codomain
It restricts the output of a function It is totally ambiguous and can be used exactly as Codomain
It refers to the possible set of values, that might come out of it. It refers to the actual, definitive set of values that might come out of it.
It refers to the definition of a function. It refers to the image of a function.

Thus, this is what is defined as the major difference between Codomain and Range. It is important to know these differences, as they help one define the exact range and set of values. To know more about math related topics like this, download the BYJU’s app today! You may also want to check out related articles below:

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