Factors of 17

The two numbers which get multiplied and produce the result as 17, then these numbers are the factors of 17. Since 17 is a prime number, therefore it has only two factors, i.e. 1 and 17.

We will use the same factorization method to find the factors and multiples of 17.

In this method we need to first consider the number itself and one as the factors, so 17 and 1 are the factors of 17 and then keep finding the factors of 17 which shall give us the number 17.

Pair Factors of 17

To find the pair factors of 17, multiply the 2 numbers in a pair to have the original numbers as 17, such numbers are as follows:

(1, 17)

(17, 1)

These above are the positive pair factors for 17.

Therefore, the factors of 17 are: 1 and 17.

Prime Factors of 17

By prime factorisation method, we get;

17 = 1 x 17

Therefore, there are no other prime factors other than 17 itself.

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