Symmetry Worksheets

Symmetry worksheets are helpful for students to understand the symmetry line and shapes. The worksheet ensure that a student can explore and identify the line of symmetry, count the lines in a symmetry shape and complete all shapes. Further, this will also help to identify asymmetrical or symmetrical shapes including to determine the perimeter of shapes.

You will get the worksheet that requires you to draw a line of symmetry to understand which picture are symmetrical. Each block or point that reflects must remain as the same distance as the original point. The basis of understanding of symmetry begins with the class 2 and then on a higher note in class 3 to 5.

With this symmetry worksheet you will understand and learn recognizing lines of symmetry, drawing a line of symmetry, perimeter of symmetrical shapes and symmetric asymmetric shapes.

Practise This Question

Draw a line AB. At A, draw an arc of length 3cm using compass such that it intersects AB at O. With the same spread of compass, put the compass pointer at O and make an arc that intersects the previous arc at P. With the same spread again, put the compass pointer at P and draw an arc that intersects the first arc at Q. Join A and Q. Using the protractor, measure QAB. What is the value of QAB.

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