Mercury (II) Chloride Formula

Mercury (II) chloride formula, also named as Mercury dichloride formula or Mercuric chloride formula is discussed in this article. It consists of one mercury (II) cation (Hg+2) and two chloride anions (Cl-1). The molecular or chemical formula of Mercury (II) chloride is HgCl2.

Mercuric chloride cannot be obtained naturally and therefore is produced chemically. It is crystalline solid white in colour. It has no odour. It is readily soluble in hot water, ethyl acetate, acetone, and ethanol but poorly soluble in cold water. It slightly dissolves in benzene and pyridine.

Mercury (II) chloride Formula Structure

Mercury (II) chloride Formula

Properties Of Mercury (II) chloride Formula

Chemical formula of Mercury (II) chloride HgCl2
Molecular weight of Mercury (II) chloride 271.52 g/mol
Density of Mercury (II) chloride 5.43 g/cm3
Boiling point of Mercury (II) chloride 304 °C
Melting point of Mercury (II) chloride 276 °C

It is an extremely toxic compound and is considered fatal when it comes in contact with the skin, eyes and causes severe damage.

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