Social Science Syllabus For Class 10 MP Board 2021-22

MP Board Class 10 Social Science syllabus is a document that outlines everything that will be covered in a class. By going through the curriculum, students will get a sense of what they will learn from the course. The MP Board 1oth Social Science course syllabus works as a roadmap with directions for succeeding in the class.

It is always advisable to carefully read the MP 10th Social Science syllabus at the beginning of the semester and take note of the assignments, projects, etc. The MP Board Class 10 syllabus of Social Science gives students an idea about the topics they need to study for that particular academic year. Students should check their syllabus of Class 10 Social Science subject before each class to gain an idea of the day’s topic.

Students of MP Board Class 10 can download PDF of Social Science syllabus by clicking the below-mentioned link.

Download MP Board Class 10 Social Science Revised Syllabus 2021-2022 PDF

Find details of the revised syllabus for the current academic year from this screenshot below:


Please find also details of deleted portion from the previous academic year for reference

Download MP Board Class 10 Social Science Syllabus Deleted Portion 2020-21 PDF

I India and the Contemporary World – II
II Contemporary India – II
III Democratic Politics – II
IV Understanding Economic Development

Unit Wise Marks Distribution 2021-22

Sl No Unit Marks Periods
1 India: Resources 10 20
2 Industry 05 07
3 Transport,Communication & Foreign Trade 05 06
4 Disaster Management 05 05
5 Map-Reading and Marking 05 05
6 First Struggle for Freedom and after 10 15
7 Events related to the Independence Revolution 10 15
8 Major Events of the Post-Independence period 10 15
9 Indian Constitution 06 12
10 Working of Indian Democracy 07 12
11 Major Challenges before Democracy 07 12
12 Story of Development 05 10
13 Services Sector 05 08
14 Consumer Awareness 05 08
15 Economic Systems and Globalisation 05 10
Revisions 20
Total 100 180

MP Board Class 10 Social Science syllabus 2021-22

Sl No Chapter Name Topics
1 Indian Resources Types of Resources : Natural resources- Soil, Formation, types and distribution, soil conservation.

Forest and WildLife – Forest types, Utility, Wild animals and their conservation Endangered animals.

Agriculture – Main crops, Contribution of Agriculture to National Economy, Herbal Farms & their utility.

Water Resource – Types, Sources, Distribution, Use, Protection & Conservation.

Mineral Resource – Types, Distribution, Use, Conservation and Economic importance.

Power Resource – Types : Conventional & Non-Conventional, Distribution, Utilisation & Conservation.

2 Industry Types, Description of Special Industries, Contribution of Industries to National Economy. Industrial Pollution, and the efforts for Solution.
3 Transport, Communication and Foreign Trade Transport-Utility and types – Railways, Roadways, Airways, Waterways, Pipelines, Ports & Harbours.

Communication, Importance of Communication in modern days, Means of Communication.Contribution of foreign Trade to Indian Economy, Imports and Exports.

4 Disaster Management Natural Calamities – Drought, Flood, Earthquake, Landslides, Tsunami. Man Made Calamities – Nuclear, Biotic and Chemical, Bomb Blast. General Calamities – Precautions and Security.
5 Maps:-Reading and Marking
6 First struggle for Freedom and after First struggle for Freedom of 1857. Introduction to important revolutionaries, birth of Indian National Congress, Moderates and Extremes.
7 Events related to Independence Revolution Important events of the Indian struggle for Independence, Revolution of Bange Bhang Partion of India in 1947 and its silent features, Contribution of Madhya Pradesh to the Freedom Struggle.
8 Major events of the Post-Independence period Kashmir Problem, India’s relation with neighbouring countries, Chinese war with India in 1962, India-pakistan war of 1965 and 1971, birth of Bangladesh, emergency in India, Rise of India as an atomic power.
9 Indian Constitution Organisation of Constitution Draft Committee, Salient Features of Indian Constitution.
10 Working of Indian Democracy Federal System, Division of Administrative Power between Centre and States, Organs of Government : Legeslature, Executive and Judiciary, Local Administration.
11 Major Challenges before Democracy Increase in Population, Unemployment, Communalism, Terrorists, drugaddication;

Major hindrance in success of Democracy and measures for removal.

12 Story of Economic Development Ancient and modren concept of economic development. National Income & Per Capita Income, Indicators of human developement, developing States with examples, Economic Planning in India, physical and non pysical with examples.

Money and Financial system : An Introduction to money in ancient time, Financial Institutions such as money lenders, zamindars, self helps groups, chit funds, private financial institutions and different types of banks.

13 Service Sector Service Sector – Meaning and Importance as a Component in Income. Infrastructure – Economic and Social Contribution of India’s Service sector in the World.
14 Consumer Awareness Consumer Awareness – Need and Importance, Consumer Exploitation, Causes and Remedies. Standardisation of Commodities, Government Role.
15 Economic System and Globalisation Economic System – Meaning, Capitalism, Socialism and Mixed Economy- Characteristics, Merits and Demerits.

Globalisation – Meaning, Needs, Development Earlier to 1991 and Modern Reforms, Impact of Globalisation.


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