MP Board Class 11 Chemistry Important Questions

A student wishing to score good marks for their class 12, also need to focus on their MP Board Class 11. They need to get a proper foundation of all the subjects in class 11 so that they can do well in higher classes. For a student wishing to go for engineering or medicine, Class 11 Chemistry is important. For this, they start by focussing on the MP Class 11 Chemistry Important questions.

These questions are collected after proper analysis, which covers the important concepts as per the Madhya Pradesh Board Class 11 Chemistry syllabus. It also gives students an overview of the subject. These questions are also useful for students preparing for competitive exams. These questions are gathered from question banks giving an idea about the question types and patterns that one can expect from exams.

Students can now download the PDF below, to start preparing for their exams.

Download MP Board Class 11 Chemistry Important Questions PDF

The list of important questions are also compiled here at this page:

Important Questions for MP Class 11 Chemistry

  1. Explain with the help of suitable example the terms empirical and molecular formulae and the relationship among these two.
  2. The formula for Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle is?
  3. Define Aufbau’s principle and explain the filling of electrons in orbitals according to this law with the help of diagram.
  4. What is de–Broglie relationship/ Derive its mathematical form?
  5. Establish the utility of Mendeleef’s periodic table by giving Mendeleef’s periodic law?
  6. What are Vander walls and co-valent radius? Explain with the help of diagrams?
  7. What are emphoteric oxides? Explain with the help of any two suitable examples.
  8. Define and justify the positions of transitional elements, lanthenides and actinides in the modern periodic table?
  9. Give five main points of molecular orbitals theory.
  10. Differentiate between valency bond theory and molecular orbital theory.
  11. Compare between ionic and co–ordinate compounds based on any five points.
  12. Classify the crystalline solids and their types.
  13. What is Charle’s law? Establish its practical importance and give its mathematical form.
  14. Define Gay–Lussae’s law? What are the essentials for this law?
  15. What is Entropy? What is its unit and by which symbol it is represented? Give its formula for open system.
  16. Explain the effect of temperature for exothermic and endothermic reaction for the feasibility of a reaction.
  17. What is chemical equilibrium? Give its any four characteristics.
  18. Give a list of elements which are important for living being and present in their food? How these elements are supplied to the body of living beings through food?
  19. Due to which property of Carbon it forms in numerous compounds? Explain with examples.
  20. Explain carbo cation and carbo anion along with their stability.
  21. What are arenes? Kekule on what grounds assigned a ring structure based on resonance, explain? Finally what structure was proposed?
  22. What is Friedel Craft’s reactions? What type of products are obtained by this method?
  23. Describe any 4 fruit plants which are medicinally useful?
  24. Chemical formula for ethylene glycol is _____________
  25. Give chemical reaction for ozonolysis of benzene and name the product.


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