MP Board Class 9 Science Important Questions

MP Class 9 science important question is crucial for 9th standard students. It provides the students an overview of the type of questions asked for the examination. It also gives an idea about the commonly asked questions, which they might otherwise neglect. Practicing the important questions of class 9 science makes studying more effective and helps to improve the performance of the students.

These Important questions are gathered after analyzing the question papers and the MP Board Class 9 Science Syllabus. Students who wish to score well in the exams are advised to solve these questions regularly. They will also get an idea about the exam pattern and the type of questions asked etc. Here, students can see how to access the MP Class 9 Science Important Questions.

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We have also compiled a list of questions here:

Important Questions of MP Class 9 Science

  1. What are any 4 advantages of artificial insemination?
  2. Write any 4 uses of acetylene gas.
  3. Describe Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation.
  4. What is deficiency disease? Write any four deficiency disease with an example.
  5. Why liquid petroleum gas is an ideal fuel?
  6. How can you determine the specific heat of a solid using the method of mixtures? Establish the formula also.
  7. What is a homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture? Explain.
  8. Differentiate between suspension and colloid on the basis of any four of their properties.
  9. Derive the first equation of motion v = u+at.
  10. A bus is moving with a uniform velocity of 36 km/h. The driver applies the brake and the bus stops after travelling a distance of 10m. Calculate the deceleration and the time taken by the change to rest.
  11. A force of 10N displaces an object by 5 m. If the work done by the force is 29J. calculate the angle of displacement.
  12. What is SONAR? Describe the technique of detection used in SONAR and give its application.
  13. Describe the periods of longform of the periodic table.
  14. Define oxidation and reduction, Explain them with 5 examples of each.
  15. Give Classification of sub phylum Chordata in Form of a chart.
  16. Which disease is caused due to deficiency of vitamin D in human?
  17. Explain with an example the monohydric, dihydric and Trihydric alcohol?
  18. Write down the number of stamens, placentation, type of fruit and root?
  19. Write down the cause and control measures of red rot disease of sugarcane.
  20. Draw a labelled diagram of biogas plant.
  21. What is footbath? Give its two functions.
  22. Enumerate six points by which you consider cow is pregnant.


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