MSBSHSE Class 9 English Syllabus

If a student plans to score high marks in the English subject, then they need to have very good grammatical and writing skills. Also, scoring well in the language adds to the overall percentage of the board exams. The MSBSHSE syllabus for Class 9 English for the current academic year 2021-2022 encompasses all the key highlights of the subject, according to the new guidelines of the Maharashtra State Board.

Students of the Class 9 MSBSHSE Board, are also advised to learn the English syllabus very thoroughly. The exam question paper for this year’s board exam will also be devised, as per the updated syllabus. The MSBSHSE syllabus, meanwhile, also offers information about the course structure, assignments, marking scheme and time duration. For this year, the MSBSHSE Class 9 English syllabus has been reduced by 30%.

Students can click on the link and find the reduced syllabus:

Download MSBSHSE Class 9 English Syllabus 2021-22 PDF

Below are details of the omitted portions:

English Kumarbharati (Standard IX) English Medium

1. 2 A synopsis-The Swiss Family Robinson (Activity no. 3 Self-study)

1.3 Have you ever seen….? (Activity no. 4 Self-study)

1.4 Have you thought of the verb ‘have’ (All activities Self-study)

1.5 The Necklace Part II (Activity no. 3 Self-study)

21. Invictus(Activity no. 1 Self-study)

2.2 A True story of Sea Turtles (Activity no. 1 Home Assignment)

2.4 The Fall of Troy (Activity no. 1 Group work from home)

2.5 Autumn (Activity no. 7 Self-study)

2.6 The Past In the Present (All activities Self-study)

3.4 How the First Letter was Written(Activity 1, 2, 3 Do at home)

4.1. Please Listen!(Activities 1,8,9, 10 Self-study)

4.2 The storyteller (Activities 7,8 Self-study)

4.3 Intellectual Rubbish(All activities Self-study)

4.4 My Financial Career (Activity 5 Self-study)

My English Coursebook (Standard IX) English Medium

2.2 Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan (Entire course not considered evaluation only question no.2 from pg. 40 to be considered)

2.3 Mark Twain(Prose)(Entire prose not considered for evaluation, however, teachers should take warming up activity and the activity on active and passive voice on pg. 47)

3.3 To a Butterfly(Poem) (Only question no. 4 and 5 to be taken into consideration)

4.3 Silver (Poem) (Not considered for evaluation)

4.4 Tempest(Prose) (Not considered for evaluation)

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