Maharashtra State Board Syllabus for Class 9

Students need to follow the syllabus while preparing for their exam. Maharashtra Board Syllabus for class 9 tells the students about what they need to study in the 9th standard and get promoted to the next standard.

From 9th standard, all students should start preparing for class 10 board exam. Students who want to excel in their Maharashtra SSC Board exam should read the subjects according to the Maharashtra State Board Syllabus for Class 9. Preparing according to the syllabus can pump up the confidence level of the students for their Board exam and other competitive exams.

Class 9 Maths Syllabus for students studying under Maharashtra Board covers topics like Triangles, Circle, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Real numbers, Algebraic Equations, Graph, Statistics, etc. The Maharashtra Board Science Syllabus of class 9 includes Physics, Chemistry, and Biology which cover topics such as The Laws of Motion, Energy, Sound, Atom, Matter, Cell-The Unit of Life, Ecosystem, etc.

The detailed syllabus of Maharashtra State Board for Class 9 is given below.

Students studying in the 9th standard should know the syllabus thoroughly to excel in their exam. Keep visiting BYJU’S to get the detailed Maharashtra Board syllabus, Maharashtra state Board books, Question papers, Sample papers, etc.

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