Chapter wise weightage for HSC Maths

The students of Class 12 Maths will learn topics like – the pair of straight lines, line, planes, etc. Included in their syllabus. The chapter wise weightage for HSC Maths will enhance the interest in the subject and make them more confident while preparing for the various entrance exams.

Chapter wise weightage for HSC Maths for Maharashtra Board will help students to know on which topic to concentrate more in order to score good marks. It gives the students an overall idea of the unit wise marks distribution also. Mathematics is important in every student’s academic career.

Download MSBSHSE Class 12 Maths Marks Weightage Distribution PDF

Class 12 is one of the most crucial time of a student’s academic life because the result of your HSC will decide your future for further studies. Along with the other subjects scoring good marks in Class 12 Mathematics is also important because in every step of our life we need Mathematics.

Chapter wise weightage for HSC Maths

Distribution of Marks, According to Units

Sl No Unit Mark without option
1 Mathematical Logic 06
2 Matrices 04
3 Trigonometric Functions 07
4 Pair of Straight Lines 04
5. Vectors 05
6. Three Dimensional Geometry 04
7. Line 04
8. Plane 04
9. LPP 03
10. Continuity 04
11. Differentiation 06
12. Integration 09
13. Applications of Derivatives 06
14. Indefinite Integration 06
15. Definite Integration and its application 06
16. Differential Equation 05
17. Probability Distribution 03
18. Binomial Distribution 03
Total 80

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