How to study for Maharashtra HSC Chemistry? 10 Tips You Should Know

Chemistry has a lot to study, but it is also easy to score marks in the subject. Chemistry for HSC is a subject that requires a lot of memory power in order to score good marks in your exam. Chemistry is one such subject which helps you to score good marks if you prepare yourself. If you know how to study for HSC Chemistry paper, then you can pass the exam with flying colours.

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is the sole body responsible for conducting HSC examinations in Maharashtra. The Board prepares a detailed syllabus of the HSC Chemistry exam and has also sanctioned and approved textbooks for the same. The detailed syllabus helps you to prepare yourselves on how to study for HSC Chemistry.

Studying for HSC Maharashtra board is important because it is considered as one of the biggest exams. Moreover, its result will decide your future career. For the Chemistry subject, Maharashtra Board students need to study hard to score good marks.

If you want to score good marks in your Chemistry exam for HSC or to get an idea on how to study for HSC Chemistry then go through the following points:

  1. Firstly, go through all the concepts and understand them. If you understand the concepts clearly, then you can easily score good marks in your exam.
  2. Memorize inorganic parts, and write down chapters important part from your memory.
  3. After going through all the concepts clearly then solve the model question papers.
  4. Stick to your syllabus to score good marks in your Chemistry exam.
  5. For a subject like Chemistry, diagrams are important. So, practice diagrams wherever necessary so that you don’t get confused in the exam.
  6. Keep a handy note with all the formulae, symbols written to revise it.
  7. Practice previous year board papers and get them checked from a teacher. This will help you get a real feel of how HSC papers.
  8. While answering the MCQ’s, write the option and answers.
  9. Write point-wise for short answers and wherever required draw the diagrams.
  10. Write point-wise for long answers and for numerical problems – write data, formulae, and substitute properly. Write the final answer with the correct unit.

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