Maharashtra SSC Board Class 10 Science Important Questions

Students those who are preparing for Class 10 exams important questions for Class 10 science of Maharashtra State Board is a valuable resource for the Class 10 Maharashtra Board students. Class 10 is an important stage in career-making and these important questions will help students prepare well for the exams due to time constraints. By practicing these important question of Class 10 Science Maharashtra Board students can clear all their doubts with respect to each chapter.

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Benefits of Class 10 Science Important Questions:

  • By solving important questions the students can enhance time management skills.
  • Solving various types of questions of each chapter can enhance problem-solving skills.
  • Students can prepare themselves effectively if they know the important questions chapterwise.
  • Practicing important questions makes your learning effective and also improves your performance in the exam.
  • Important questions give an idea of question type that can be asked in the exam

Important Questions for Maharashtra Class 10 Science

1. State any two applications of baking soda.

2. Define magnetic lines of force and state its two properties.

3. Differentiate between Normal elements and Transition elements.

4. Define corrosion. What is meant by rust? Write the chemical formula of rust.

5. What do you do in the following situations:

i. Exposed to exhaust fumes in traffic.

ii. Exposed to a series of firecrackers with high sound level.

iii. Get turbid drinking water during monsoon.

6. State any three demerits of Mendeleev’s periodic table.

7. Draw a neat labeled diagram of the human excretory system.

8. Differentiate between Mendel’s monohybrid cross and dihybrid cross.

9. Explain the following reaction with the help of a balanced chemical equation: Magnesium reacts with hot water.

10. What is recycling? Give one example.

11. What are vestigial organs? Give one example.

12. Write a short note on Catenation.

13. What is the need to use eco–friendly technology?

14. What is embryology? How does its study lead us to understand evolution?

15. What would be the consequences of the deficiency of haemoglobin in the human body?

16. Answer the following questions with respect to the sexual reproduction in plants:

i. State the name of the functional unit concerned with sexual reproduction.

ii. Name the part made up of the stigma, style and ovary.

iii. Name the swollen lower part of the carpel.

iv. Name the male part of the flower.

v. Where are the pollen grains produced?

17. The velocity of light in a medium is 1.5 108 m/s. What is the refractive index of the medium with respect to air, if the velocity in the air is 3 108 m/s?

18. State Fleming’s Right Hand Rule.

19. Distinguish between oxidation and reduction.

20. What major harms are done to human beings due to air pollution?

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