Maharashtra State Board Books for Class 6th

Books help in overall development of the student as they provide complete information regarding a particular subject and different topics. Maharashtra State Board Maths book for class 6 have basic chapters like divisibility, Letters in Place of Numbers, Order of Operations and Place of Brackets, Point Line and Plane, Angles, Pairs of Angles, Indices, Natural Numbers and Whole Numbers, Squares and Square Roots, Integers, Profit and Loss, Equations in One Variable, Triangles, Area etc. The science books for class 6th Maharashtra Board contains chapters like Natural Resources, Living World, Nutrition and Diet, Simple Machines etc.

Here at BYJU’S, we provide you with a complete list of Maharashtra State Board Books for class 6th in PDF form, which the students can download on their portable devices.

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Draw a line AB. At A, draw an arc of length 3cm using compass such that it intersects AB at O. With the same spread of compass, put the compass pointer at O and make an arc that intersects the previous arc at P. With the same spread again, put the compass pointer at P and draw an arc that intersects the first arc at Q. Join A and Q. Using the protractor, measure QAB. What is the value of QAB.