Important Questions Class 12 Chemistry HSC

As we all know, class 12th is an important stage in career-making. Thus we have focused on providing you with questions which can be asked in your Maharashtra HSC Board exam. The 12th class Maharashtra Board Syllabus for Chemistry includes Analytical, Physical, Organic and Inorganic chemistry. Maharashtra state board for class 12 chemistry has each of the topics covered so that students get a clear idea of the question that could appear in the exam.

For competitive exams, students require an advanced level of preparation. To prepare for the class 12 board exam as well as other competitive exams we have covered all the important questions that could appear in the question paper. This will be helpful for the students to prepare well for the exam. You can download the below PDF which is easily accessible on your portable devices.

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The compound X, in the reaction, is XCH3MglYhydrolysisMg(OH)I+CH3COOH