MSBSHSE 8th Class General Science Textbook

To score good marks in the Science exam, you need to be thorough with each chapter of the General Science textbook. This can be possible by understanding the topics covered in the chapters. To know if you are well versed with the concepts, you need to practice the questions provided at the end of each chapter. Most of the questions that appear in the final exams, are selected from the exercise questions printed in the textbook. We have provided links to download Class 8 Science book below.

The topics introduced in the 8th standard General Science textbook are required to understand Class 9 Science concepts. The chapters covered in the Class 8 Science book for the students, studying under the Maharashtra State Board are as follows – Living World and Classification of Microbes, Health and Diseases, Current Electricity and Magnetism, Inside the Atom, Force and Pressure, Metals and Non metals, Composition of Matter, Pollution, Cell and Cell Organelles, Human Body and Organ System, Disaster Management, Introduction to Acid and Base, Chemical Change and Chemical Bond, Sound, Measurement and Effects of Heat, Reflection of Light, Ecosystems, Man-made Materials, Life Cycle of Stars.

MSBSHSE 8th Std Science Textbook in Marathi, English and Hindi

The links given in the table below will help you to download the Class 8 Science Book PDF. These English and Marathi medium textbooks are as per the latest MSBSHSE syllabus.

Download the textbook PDF in Marathi, English and Hindi from below

Maharashtra State Board 8th Std Science Book PDF In English

Maharashtra State Board 8th Std Science Book PDF In Marathi

Maharashtra State Board 8th Std Science Book PDF In Hindi

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