Chapterwise weightage for HSC Physics

Physics is an important subject if a student wants to study about electrical energy, atomic energy, how they work, what’s the physical and chemical structure that is used by them. Physics constantly applies to people’s everyday life. Maharashtra State Board Physics syllabus for Class 12 HSC includes topics such as circular motion, gravitation, rotational motion, etc.

The 12th Physics chapter weightage HSC helps the students to know on which topic to concentrate more. This helps them to score good marks in their HSC exam. The understanding of Maharashtra State Board 12th Physics syllabus is a must, so that the students can make a preparation plan to clear the Class 12 Board exam with good grades.

Types of Question Marks Marks with option Percentage
Objective 14 14 20
Short Answers 42 56 60
Brief Answers 14 28 20
Total 70 98 100

Distribution of marks according to units

Sl No Units Marks without option Marks with option
1 Circular Motion 04 05
2 Gravitation 03 05
3 Rotational Motion 04 06
4 Oscillations 05 07
5 Elasticity 03 04
6 Surface Tension 04 05
7 Wave Motion 03 04
8 Stationary Waves 05 07
9 Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiation 04 06
10 Wave Theory of light 03 04
11 Interference and Diffraction 04 06
12 Electrostatics 03 04
13 Current Electricity 03 04
14 Magnetic Effects of Electric Current 03 04
15 Magnetism 03 04
16 Electromagnetic Induction 04 06
17 Electrons and Photons 03 04
18 Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei 04 06
19 Semiconductors 03 04
20 Communication Systems 02 03

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Students can also refer to the mahahsscboard maharashtra gov in question papers to get an overview of the exam pattern and chapter weightage. 

Practise This Question

On heating water, bubbles being formed at the bottom of the vessel detach and rise. Take the bubbles to be spheres of radius R and making a circular contact of radius with the bottom of the vessel. If r << R and the surface tension of water is T, the value of r just before bubbles detach is (density of water is ρw).

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