Maharashtra Board Class 5 Textbooks

Elementary education is the first stage of formal education and it normally includes from class 1-8. Students of class 5 will learn the basics of the subjects that will be dealt more in depth in later classes, thus laying the foundation for higher classes. The textbooks of maharashtra are made keeping this in mind. The Maharashtra board class 5 textbooks are designed in easy and simple language with interactive examples and illustrations that help to capture the imagination of young minds.

Students can find the downloadable link to the PDF format of the textbooks of class 6 State Board of Maharashtra from the table given:

Download Maharashtra Board Class 5 Textbooks

Students can also make learning fun and interesting with the help of interactive videos downloaded from the BYJU’S app and YouTube channel. Stay Tuned to get updated with notifications.

Practise This Question

Match the following:
Column IColumn IIp. Gene flowi. Transfer of alleles from one population to anotherq. Bottleneck effectii. A change in the frequency of alleles mainlydue to chance eventsr. Founder effectiii. A sharp lowering of a population’s genepool due to natural disasterss. Genetic driftiv. A few members of the original populationcolonise a new location away from the old

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