12th Maharashtra State Board Maths Solution Book

The Maharashtra State Board Books are designed in such a way that the students understand the content and easily remember the topics. Maharashtra board, textbooks are prepared by the international standards that enable the overall development of the students. Students can revise all the key concepts of the subject by referring to the Maharashtra HSC Maths Textbook Solutions.

Maharashtra HSC Maths Textbook Solutions

While preparing for the class 12th maths exam, students should practice the questions given at the end of each chapter. Also, a thorough practice of the last 10-year question papers will help them to tackle difficult questions in the final exam. The class 12th Maths syllabus of MSBSHSE is divided into two parts. Part I covers chapters such as Mathematical Logic, Matrices, Trigonometric Functions, Circles, Vectors Lines, Planes, etc. Part II has chapters like Continuity, differentiability, Integration, Application of definite Integral, etc.

Meanwhile, find also the list of chapters from which these Maharashtra HSC Maths Textbook Solutions are provided.

Maharashtra State Board 12th Mathematics and Statistics Part I Book PDF 

  • Chapter 1: Mathematical Logic
  • Chapter 2: Matrics
  • Chapter 3: Trigonometric Functions
  • Chapter 4: Pair of Straight Lines
  • Chapter 5: Vectors
  • Chapter 6: Line and Plane
  • Chapter 7:Linear Programming

Maharashtra State Board 12th Mathematics and Statistics Part 2 Book PDF 

  • Chapter 1: Differentiation
  • Chapter 2: Applications of Derivatives
  • Chapter 3: Indefinite Integration
  • Chapter 4: Definite Integration
  • Chapter 5: Application of Definite Integration
  • Chapter 6: Differential Equations
  • Chapter 7:Probability Distributions
  • Chapter 8: Binomial Distribution

Here at BYJU’S, we provide you with 12th Maharashtra State Board Maths Solution Book PDF for students to refer while practising numeric questions from their textbooks.

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