Maharashtra Board Class 6 Social Science Textbook

The textbook of Social Science is an important source for effective learning. Maharashtra Board Class 6 Social Science textbook is, written according to the syllabus, and gives the outline of the course. It provides various worked out examples for each topic and the exercises provided at the end of each chapter that help teachers in assigning suitable homework and assignments. Students can blindly trust the Maharashtra Board Class 6 textbook of Social Science, while preparing for their exam. It is considered as the best resource for clearing doubts and understanding the concepts deeply.

The availability and the use of textbooks in the teaching-learning process are essential. These textbooks are sanctioned and approved by the Maharashtra Board. The textbook is designed in a well-organised way, by listing the chapters as mentioned in the Maharashtra Board Class 6 syllabus of Social Science. Teachers also look up these textbooks, while preparing the exam question paper.

Download Maharashtra Board Class 6 Social Science textbook PDF in English, Marathi, Gujarati, Urdu and Hindi.

In the table mentioned below, you can find  the PDFs of Maharashtra Board Class 6 book of History and Civics, and Geography.

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