MSBSHSE 6th Class General Science Textbook

Answering questions asked in the science question paper will be difficult if a student is not well versed with the science textbook chapters. Understanding the topics and being thorough with the chapter questions printed at the end of every chapter will make you understand the topics clearly and more confident about the chapter. Therefore, below we have provided the links to download class 6 general science textbook for English and Marathi medium.

The general science topics introduced for the 6 standard students are the basics required to understand class 7 science topics. The class 6 general science textbook introduces the following chapters – Natural resources – Air, Water, And Land, The Living World, Diversity In Living Things And Their Classification, Disaster Management, Substances In The Surroundings – Their States And Properties, Substances In Daily Use, Nutrition And Diet, Our Skeletal System And The Skin, Motion And Types Of Motion, Force And Types Of Force, Simple Machines, Work and Energy, Fun with Magnets, The Universe, Sound, Light and the Formation of Shadows.

MSBSHSE 6th Std Science Textbook in Marathi and English

Download general science textbook for 6th standard as per the latest syllabus of MSBSHSE from the links given below.

Download the textbook PDF in Marathi and English from below

Maharashtra State Board 6th Std Science Book PDF In English

General Science for Class 6 Maharashtra Board

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