Maharashtra State Board Syllabus for Class 7

The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) is responsible for framing the syllabus of Class 7. The affiliated schools are required to adopt the syllabus accordingly and accept the changes made by the board.

The MSBSHSE Syllabus for Class 7 Maths include various topics like integers, simple equations, triangles, etc. In science, the students are made acquainted with the topics of soil, weather, the human body, etc. The topics are also explained with various illustrations and practice questions to strengthen the foundation of the concepts.

The class 7 Maharashtra Board syllabus topics are designed intelligently keeping the international standards of education. It is suggested to study the topics properly and understand the principles clearly.

The 7th class maths and science syllabus of Maharashtra Board is given below chapter-wise:

7th Class Science Syllabus

Sl. No. Topic Name
1 Natural Resources
2 Water – A Natural Resource
3 Food and Protection of Food
4 Properties of Water
5 Acids, Bases and Salts
6 Control and Co-ordination
7 Health and Disease
8 Food and Nutrition
9 Circulation of Blood
10 Reproduction in Living Things
11 The Organisation of Living Things
12 Electric Charge
13 Sound – Production of Sound
14 Propagation of Sound
15 Classification of Substances
16 Transmission of Heat
17 Effects of Heat
18 Propagation of Light

7th Class Maths Syllabus

Sl. No. Topic Name
1 Indices
2 Variation
3 Averages
4 Properties of Triangles
5 Theorem of Pythagoras
6 Construction of Triangles
7 Equations in One Variable
8 Product Of Algebraic Expressions
9 Factors of Algebraic Expressions
10 Quadrilaterals
11 Types of Quadrilaterals
12 Construction of Quadrilaterals
13 Rational Numbers
14 Operations on Rational Numbers
15 Simple Interest
16 Profit and Loss
17 Area
18 Factors of Algebraic Expressions
19 Identity
20 Circle
21 Congruence
22 Volume and Surface Area
23 Joint Bar Graphs

The topics in Class 7 maths and science are very crucial as the concepts are required in higher grades for understanding complex topics. These topics are included by the Maharashtra board by properly brain-mapping according to the grades.

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