How to Study for HSC Maths? Here are 10 Tips

Maths need lots of practice and you will have to memorise lots of formulas. Unless and until you practice more, you can’t get the marks to succeed in your exams. In Maths some formulas have special conditions or restrictions and this kind of formulas can’t be memorised. You can’t understand Maths unless and until you give attention to the class. Maths need you to listen properly, understand and then apply the techniques.

Class 12 Maths of Maharashtra State Board  are advised to know each of the topics covered in the syllabus, so that you will get a clear idea of the questions that might be asked in the exam. The Board is the sole authority to prepare a detailed syllabus and also sanction and approve textbooks for the same. The detailed syllabus helps you to know how to study for HSC Maths.

For a subject like Maths for HSC, practising and understanding the concepts is a must. Practising more will help you to score good marks. Before understanding Maths, it requires you to have a general understanding of the broad concepts before going into the details.

Given below are some tips on how to study for HSC Maths:

  1. Maths is all about practice and understanding the concept. So, before starting any topic practice to understand the concept thoroughly.
  2. Go through the syllabus so that you will get an idea on which topic to focus more and the marks’ weightage of the topic.
  3. Always keep a handy note of all the theorems, concepts, formulas so that it will help you during the revision.
  4. Be attentive in the class so that you won’t get confused with the formulas.
  5. Go through different types of problems and try to solve it yourself.
  6. Knowing theories and concept are necessary, but learning how it will be applicable is a must if you want to score good marks in the exam.
  7. Practice previous year question papers or sample papers so that you get an idea what type of questions are asked from each topic and what type of questions are repeated.
  8. While studying complete the important topics with more weightage and then do the topics with the less weightage.
  9. During the studying process, don’t forget to practice everything that you have studied.
  10. Practice as many numerical problems as possible. Don’t just read the theory apply some logic and understand it.

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