How to Study for Maharashtra HSC? 4 Tips To Know

Higher Secondary School Certificate or HSC is conducted by the state boards at the end of the 12th standard, which makes students eligible for graduate courses. The Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is the sole body responsible for conducting HSC examinations in Maharashtra.

Studying for HSC Maharashtra board is important because it is considered as one of the biggest exams of your life as the result of it will decide your future career. The Maharashtra Board follow strict pattern while checking the papers of HSC so always be sure about the answer. For each subject included in Class 12, Maharashtra Board students need to study hard to score good marks.

HSC Maharashtra Board covers subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths. The syllabus of each subject gives an idea to the students about how to study for HSC. To do well in your HSC exam for Maharashtra Board, you need to follow the following steps.

Be Confident

You need to be confident while preparing for the exam and follow a study plan. Don’t panic at the time of the exam. Prepare handy notes for last time revision purpose. If you feel comfortable and useful then group study with your friends.

Practice more especially Maths

There is a saying that “Practice makes a man perfect” which is absolutely right. For mathematics, the sole thing to do is practice maths question and solve them. Prepare a list of maths formula and keep them handy. Solve previous year question paper in steps as each step carries a mark.

Follow the syllabus

For any subject of Class 12 syllabus plays an important role. It gives the students an overview of what they are going to study in the respective academic year. The syllabus also helps students to know about the topics and subtopics. Stick to your syllabus to score good marks in your exam

Prepare yourself according to the subjects

For Physics: For physics make a list of all formulas and derivations that will help you cover the theory too. Definitions and concepts need practice and also learn the touch terms, which can fetch you marks. You need to practice graphs and use diagrams to support answers.

For Chemistry: In chemistry focus more on organic and inorganic chemistry as they are equally important. Keep a list of all organic formulas and inorganic equation with molecular reaction. Practice proper diagrams with proper labeling of chapters like “solid state, electron chemistry” Revise structure of compounds and also the list of formula, giving importance to symbols and SI units so that it becomes easy to revise.

For Biology: Biology subject is theoretical and descriptive thus it needs to be memorized. Whereas for processes and sequences using flowcharts in answers is a good option.

Other than the above following points there are few more points, which will give the students an idea about how to study for HSC such as

  1. Practice previous year question paper
  2. Proper time management
  3. Search for your weak points and improve it
  4. Open your handy notes and do a quick revision before the exam
  5. Attempt each and every question

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