Last 5-years SSC Board Papers with Solutions

The students should understand the previous year question paper and be well prepared with the questions asked. Preparing for the Maharashtra SSC Board exam is said to be complete only when you study, revise and practice sample papers and previous year question paper. Solving the question papers is very important in order to understand the paper pattern. Therefore, we have provided the last 5-year SSC Board Paper with Solutions with all the questions asked in 2 sessions that is in July and March. Check out the PDFs given below.

The previous year papers are designed according to the curriculum and latest syllabus of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. Below is the list of Last 5-years SSC Board Papers with Solutions.

2017 Board Papers Solutions

2016 Board Papers Solutions

2015 Board Papers Solutions

2014 Board Papers Solutions

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A shopkeeper gives a discount of Rs.12.50 on an article which costs Rs.50. What is the selling price of the article? How much he will get by selling 11 articles. Round it off to the nearest tens.