Mumbai Colleges Commence 4th Phase of Admissions To First Year of Junior College

Mumbai Colleges Commence 4th Phase of Admissions To First Year of Junior College

Despite three months passing since the commencement of the admissions to First Year of Junior College (FYJC) Mumbai, the process has still not come to an end. The third round of first-come-first-served (FCFS) admissions came to a recent end. However, following that, the department has now planned for another round of admissions to FYJC.

An official from the Maharashtra Board State Education Department said, “There are still a considerable number of vacant seats, and a few students have still not been able to get admission into any college. Most of these students are repeaters who have cleared their Class 10 exams in August. We are thus planning to have another round of admissions for such students.”

As per the data shared by the state department, there are about 1 lakh seats, still lying vacant in colleges, across Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Even though most of the colleges have already started their academic sessions by 30 August, the students who get admitted now will be easily accommodated. Extra classes are expected to be provided to these students. However, more detailed information regarding the streamwise vacancies are still to be published.

The official from the state education department also claimed that there are vacant seats. He added that some of the students have still not secured admission into any colleges in the state. He went on to add that most of these students are repeaters who cleared the class 10 examinations in August. The department is thus planning to conduct another round of admission for such students.

“On the last two days of phase 3 of FCFS, many students and parents approached us for either cancellation of their existing seats or new admissions. However, we have cleared it to the parents that no more cancellations will happen,” said a senior official looking after the FYJC admissions at the state education department. Before the commencement of Phase 3 admissions, last month, a link for cancellation was provided in the official website of FYJC admissions for such cases.

Meanwhile, some believe that colleges would have a tough time accommodating these students. A Principal of a suburban College claimed that “We have almost finished the first unit test syllabus for existing students. It would be a tough task to take out teaching days to conduct classes for these students. Besides, they would also have to be oriented to the college in the short time that we would get.”

At the same time, students will be given time to fill out the application forms and start applying for the vacant seats to the colleges. The schedule will be released on the official website soon. Sources at the department also stated that the fresh round is expected to be conducted as per the FCFS format, i.e. phase 4 or final round. This round will be open only to the ATKT students, the students who cleared their supplementary exams in August, or the ones who were not allotted any seats.

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