Maharashtra Board Cuts Extra Marks Arts Culture SSC

The government of Maharashtra has revised the rules for awarding extra marks to Class 10 (SSC) students excelling in Arts and Culture. Students of Arts and Culture can now have an additional 15 marks instead of 25 marks, which were given earlier. The Maharashtra government has also backed for the 2% reservation of excelling students in college admission.

In addition to the marks distributed out for participation in sports, for the 1st time in March 2017, extra marks were also given for Arts and Cultural activities for SSC (Class 10) students. Around 81000 SSC students of Maharashtra board, benefited in the first year due to this system. Because of the extra marks as many as 193 SSC students received 100% marks in their examination.

After the results came out, the headmasters of several institutes and schools admitted that the additional marks provision for Arts and Cultural students led to the students getting high marks.

Against this system, the Educational Department of the government of Maharashtra issued a GR (Government Resolution) on Friday, revising the rules for awarding extra marks to Class 10 students. The new decision came into effect by SSC exam 2018.

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