NCERT Exemplar Class 12 Physics Solutions for Chapter 1 - Electric Charges And Fields

NCERT class 12 Physics exemplar for Chapter 1 Electric charges and fields is prepared by a highly experienced and talented faculty of BYJU’S. NCERT class 12 Physics exemplar NCERT class 12 Physics exemplar comprise of questions taken from ncert exemplar class 12 physics book along with questions from previous year question papers and sample papers from different sources.

Physics problems and solutions for class 12 pdf are provided here which are similar to the questions being asked in previous year board as well as competitive examinations. It is very important for the students to study exemplary questions as they give them feedback on their preparation level and thereby help them to reassess their reading strategy in order to pass board and entrance examination with flying colours.

NCERT Exemplar Problems Class 12 Physics – Electric Charges and Fields

When matter experiences a force when placed in a magnetic field, the property of matter is called Electric charge. The field surrounding an electric charge is called an electromagnetic field, where opposite charges attract each other. It is a scalar quantity and the charge can be either positive or negative in nature. Electric charges are measured in coulombs and it can be quantized in nature.

Important Concepts of Electric Charges and Fields NCERT Exemplar Solutions:

  1. Electric Charge- Introduction to charges, historical experiments, detection of charge, electroscope and other experiments
  2. Conductors and Insulators – Definitions, electric circuits, properties,
  3. Charging by Induction – Pith and ball experiment, charge by induction, metal sphere experiment.
  4. Basic Properties Of Electric Charge
    1. Additivity of charges
    2. Charge is conserved
    3. Quantisation of charge
  5. Coulomb’s Law – Derivation, formula’s, application and numerical problems
  6. Forces Between Multiple Charges – Calculation of force, formula derivation and calculations
  7. Electric Field – calculation, formula derivation and applications
    1. Electric field due to a system of charges
    2. The physical significance of the electric field
  8. Electric Field Lines – meaning, pictorial representation and applications
  9. Electric Flux -Definition, formula derivation and calculations- Derivation of Torque, applications and calculations
  10. Electric Dipole
    1. The field of an electric dipole
    2. The physical significance of dipoles
    3. Dipole In A Uniform External Field
  11. Continuous Charge Distribution- derivation of surface charge density, linear charge density and volume charge density, derivation of formulas and calculation of problems.
  12. Gauss’s Law – statement, derivation and calculations
  13. Applications Of Gauss’s Law
  14. Field due to an infinitely long straight uniformly charged wire
    1. Field due to a uniformly charged infinite plane sheet
    2. Field due to a uniformly charged thin spherical shell.


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