Class 10 Science Study tips with NCERT solutions

The CBSE class 10 science exam focuses on testing basic concepts in all three areas; physics, biology and chemistry. A landmark exam, it is the last consolidated exam for science. For some, it is the end of science and for others, it is just the beginning.

There is a belief that one cannot score full marks in Science; however, this isn’t true. An increasing number of students have scored a 100 in this subject. Yes, a 100! Scoring a 100 isn’t after all difficult with right study strategies and the clear understanding of topics. Here, in this article, we have discussed a few tips that if followed sincerely, will help you perform outstandingly well in exams.

CBSE Class 10 Science Tips and Strategy

To help students prepare effectively for CBSE class 10 science internal assessments as well as board exams, here we have listed a few points that will help you score good marks.

  • Constant practice

The first and foremost thing to remember is not to wait until the exam to begin preparing. Science requires constant practice and effort. Note that, the world-class scientists did not master the laws of quantum physics, chemical law, etc. overnight. To score good marks in science, read, write and think of science on a daily basis. NCERT question banks consist of tricky questions that force students to think out of the box. One can refer to the NCERT solutions to understand the solutions to these questions. These are included to help you understand concepts better. By practising these questions regularly one can easily score good marks in the exam.

  • Read Topics Before Lectures

It is better not to come across a science topic for the very first time in class. Instead, read the upcoming topics in the textbook the day before it will be covered in class. At this stage, try grasping the general concepts discussed in the chapter and don’t fixate on the precise mathematics. This will help you to get a solid foundation of knowledge upon which you can apply the mathematical skills that will be taught in class the next day.

  • Pesky Equations And Law

Science is a subject rich of laws, formulae, equations and rules. Many students think that these laws and equations have to be memorised. But it is important to realise that memorisation is a low form of learning. The best students in science don’t merely memorise equations and laws, they understand them. When presented with a formula, make sure you can work through its derivation. Once you understand formula and laws at this level, memorisation comes easily. In cases, when you forget to remember an equation you will have the required knowledge base to derive it.

  • Self Discipline

Develop your own study rules and stick to them. You must establish your own study times, listen to lectures actively, responsibly do the lab exercises, etc.

  • Location

Most importantly, you need to find a place free of interruptions and distractions. This is necessary to master information.

While you study focus on basic concepts, a strong foundation goes a long way. The key is to study throughout in small amounts without putting too much pressure on the last few days. Most importantly take care of yourself by sleeping, exercising and eating healthy. A healthy body gives a healthy mind, and healthy minds give healthy exams. All the Best !!

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