Benefits Of Studying Class 12 Math With NCERT Solutions

Often we come across statements like “Marks aren’t everything”, “Each child is gifted”, etc. That said, we don’t tattoo our board exam marks on our forehead, do we? The first thing a stranger notices in a person is his or her behaviour. And that stranger could be your future client, college dean or a future employer. To discuss whether we should judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree is beyond the scope of this article. But yes, board exams do signify a simple thing: it assesses the sense of responsibility and sincerity in a student.

Of course, one can not certainly deny that the marks a person scores in their board examinations cannot be linked to how successful they will be in the future, however, it will be hypocrisy on our part to completely fail to recognise its importance in certain cases. The college admission are based on the marks obtained in boards. Colleges would prefer admitting intelligent students and someone capable of following instructions. Hence, they take their chances by selecting students with high grades.

Class 12 board exam is a milestone in the journey of education. Scoring good marks in class 12 exam boosts your confidence and your overall state of mind. Various kinds of fee waiver schemes and scholarships are offered in various government and private institutions for toppers of class 12 exams. This reduces the financial burden on your parents as the admission process of graduation and post-graduation is costly. Hence it becomes important to do well in class 12 board exams to enjoy the sweet taste of success lifelong.

Mathematics is a revered subject for aspirants of competitive exams like JEE mains and JEE advanced. It is those subject in which good marks can be scored with proper preparation pattern and lots of practice. NCERT solutions of class 12 math can be of a great help to help you score good grades in the exam. Listed below are the reasons to refer NCERT class 12 math solutions:

  • It gives you a depth an in-depth understanding of complex concepts.
  • NCERT solutions strictly adhere to the CBSE curriculum and most of the questions for board exams are picked up from here.
  • The solutions are authored by experts so one doesn’t have to doubt the genuinity of the solutions.
  • They are easily available online, free of cost.

There is absolutely no harm in using other reference books or additional books. But it has been noticed that other reference books consist of concise notes without providing any basic knowledge. This can confuse students and make them deviate from the target. Hence, it is best to refer NCERT textbooks and solutions to perform excellently.

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