NCERT Model Question Paper For Biology Class 12

Biology is the subject that explains the natural world around us. The number of lifeforms present on earth range in the billions. From the tiniest microscopic microbes to the largest ever animal that ever walked the earth, biology tells us how life came to be on this planet. Nobody knows how life actually started, but there are many different theories that show varying degrees of plausibility. But once the first life forms established itself on earth billions of years ago, evolution kickstarted the diversification of all life. From unicellular organisms capable of producing their own food to predators who preyed on them, the earth was abound with life. In the earth’s 4.5 billion-year-old history, many species came and went. For instance, man is the dominant species on earth today. But 65 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the earth until they went extinct. Life was even stranger before the dinosaurs – the high levels of oxygen in the atmosphere led to the rise of insects that were 10 times as large as today.

In essence, biology is a very interesting subject to study as there is a lot to discover and explore. BYJU’s aims to take this subject even further by providing the students with in-depth articles, informative videos and a plethora of questions to ponder and understand the concepts much deeper. NCERT model question paper for biology helps the students to analyse their stand. Furthermore, Biology NCERT model question paper acts as a tool of reference as the students can reinforce their current learning. Understanding the concepts is the first step to getting a good grade, the next step would be to actually practice. Hence, the more students practice, the better they can score in their exam. So, start your exam preparation by practising NCERT model question paper for biology class 12.

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