NCERT Model Question Paper For Chemistry Class 12

Chemistry is a subject that explains the composition of various substances and the reactions that takes place around us. From an academic perspective, chemistry is an important subject as it opens up a lot of academic and career opportunities. Therefore, it is important for the students to concentrate on chemistry and to ensure that they give their best efforts in the exam. Chemistry is not an inherently difficult subject, it is perceived to be difficult when the student does not clearly understand concepts. Often times, textbooks are not very efficient at dissipating information as the student may have a hard time comprehending the content. And if the student can’t comprehend, then they can’t reproduce the same in an exam.

This can easily be rectified by having the right resources. The “right resources” ideally has to explain the concepts in the most simple way possible without sacrificing informational quotient. Jargons have to be broken down and explained. Formulas have to be deciphered and explained, problems have to be solved step-by-step, elaborating every procedure and relevant shortcuts. Diagrams have to done in an elaborate, yet simple way so that the student can recreate it for the exams.

BYJU’s aims to do just this – create the best educational resources for students. From in-depth articles that provide a deeper insight, to videos that are designed to leave you wanting for more. Furthermore, concepts like chemistry specifically need continual practice and frequent revision. This is achieved only by practicing model question papers. Also, students can analyse and predict trends in the question paper with reasonable accuracy – such as the frequency of questions and distribution of marks. Therefore, it is very important to practice questions. These model papers, in tandem with the NCERT solutions, provides the best tools for exam preparation. So, start your preparation by exploring the latest NCERT model question for chemistry class 12 only on BYJU’s.

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