By 2022 Assessment Change In School Education, NCERT To Prepare Guidelines said HRD Minister

The National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT) decided to prepare new guidelines for transformation in assessment by 2022, considering the current assessment scenario to be harmful. According to HRD Minister, a new National Education Policy (NEP), has been proposed in the final draft to eliminate the “high stakes” aspect of board exams. It recommended that students be allowed to appear for board examinations twice a year.

After over 14 years, NCERT is set to review the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) and it will also develop assessment guidelines in sync with the new framework. The draft states that “To reverse the harmful effects of the current assessment system, board exams will encourage holistic development, students will be able to choose any of the subjects in which they take board exams, depending on their individualised interests.”

Related to the change for board tests twice a year, the HRD Ministry elaborated, “In this regard, guidelines will be prepared by NCERT, for a transformation in the assessment system by 2022, to align with the NCF 2020.”

According to the new policy a new regulatory body will be formed for all recognised school boards of India. The regulatory body will take care of regulating assessment and evaluation norms and standards and for ensuring that the assessment patterns of different boards meet the skill requirements of the 21st century and are in consonance with the stated objectives of the policy.

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