Comparison Between Perisperm and Endosperm

Seeds of higher plants exhibit two types of food storing tissues, they are – Perisperm and endosperm. Stored food is found in the seeds in the form of proteins, fats and carbohydrates which is utilized during embryonic development while seed germinates. In the event of seedling, endosperm gets dissolved.

Differentiating factor between both tissues is that perisperm is diploid emerging from the nucleus while endosperm is triploid emerging from triple fusion.


  • This food storing tissue emerges from nucleus
  • Found only in some families such as Caryophyllaceae, Amaranthaceae, Portulacaceae, Zingiberaceae etc wherein the existing embryo sac in these families turns densely packed food material within the seed
  • Endosperm of the seed absorbs nutrients from perisperm transforms it into the embryo


  • The most prominent food storing seed tissue, it is formed from the primary endosperm nucleus
  • Triple fusion generates endosperm nucleus within the embryo sac
  • During this fusion, three haploid nuclei unite to produce the triploid nucleus
  • Endosperm is formed due to the repeated cell division by the mitosis hence capable of food storage for embryonic development
  • Usually it is considered to be a polypoid

Difference between Perisperm and Endosperm

The table below depicts a few differences between Perisperm and Endosperm






Primary endosperm nucleus

Chromosomal makeup

Diploid cells

Triploid cells

Surrounds this structure







Absorbed by endosperm

Embryo absorbs nutrition


Observed only in certain families such as Caryophyllaceae, Amaranthaceae, Portulacaceae, Zingiberaceae etc

Typically found in almost all seeds


Coffee, black pepper, sugar, beet

Tomato, ground nut, cereal grains

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