How To Fill NEET OMR Answer Sheet

The following article briefs you about the exact breakdown of steps that needs to be followed while filling the NEET 2021 OMR Answer sheet.

1. Avoid scratching or overwriting the OMR sheet

Candidates must know that the OMR sheets are evaluated by computer software which is extremely sensitive. It only reads properly filled black coloured bubbles. Refrain from scratching or fiddling the OMR sheet, just fill in the information needed in the sheet.

Filling OMR sheet - 1

2. Boxes are given in the OMR sheet which should be filled with the necessary information such as roll number, test booklet number and the booklet code. Nothing else must be written on the sheet. It may lead to the OMR sheet being rejected.

  • Every candidate has a 10-digit roll number provided on the admit card. One must fill in their respective roll numbers in the same way as shown below

Filling OMR sheet - 2

  • Students must make sure that their 7-digit test booklet number has been marked and filled accurately.

Filling OMR sheet - 3

3. Fill fields such as Candidate’s Name, Father’s Name, and Mother’s Name (in running

handwriting) in the box provided under the name column.

Filling OMR sheet - 4

4. The paper is for 180 minutes where the booklet comprises 200 MCQs (four options wherein one is the correct option), from Physics, Chemistry and Biology sections. Each section has 50 questions under 2 sections – Section A and B.

  • Section A – Thirty-five questions in each subject. From Question Nos – 001 to

035, 051 to 085, 101 to 135, and 151 to 185. All questions must be attended compulsorily

  • Section B comprises fifteen questions in each section. From Question Nos – 036 to 050, 086 to 100, 136 to 150, and 186 to 200. Any 10 questions out of 15 can be attempted in section B for each subject

5. For any of the questions, do not fill in more than one option as there is only one correct option, the answer.

Filling OMR sheet - 5

6. Candidates must sign with the time (in running handwriting) in the declaration column provided.

Filling OMR sheet - 6

7. Ensure that the code which is printed on the OMR sheets matches that provided on the test booklet. In the event where it does not match, candidates must immediately inform the same to the invigilator and get both the answer sheet and the test booklet replaced.

8. In the event of any discrepancy for a specific language, the English version only shall be considered as the final version.

This was a brief on How to fill the OMR Answer sheet for NEET 2021. For related information on NEET 2021, visit BYJU’S.

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