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Gabriel Phthalimide Synthesis

Gabriel Phthalimide Synthesis

Hoffmann Bromamide Degradation Reaction

Hoffmann Bromamide Degradation Reaction

Boiling Points of Amines

The order of boiling points of amines is:

Primary > Secondary > Tertiary

Intermolecular hydrogen bonding is more in primary amines than in secondary amines. Tertiary amines do not have intermolecular hydrogen bonding due to the absence of a hydrogen atom

Basicity of Amines

The order of basicity in the gaseous phase is:

Tertiary amine > secondary amine > primary amine > NH3

The order of basicity in aqueous solution is:

(C2H5)2NH > (C2H5)3N > C2H5NH2 > NH3

(CH3)2NH > CH3NH2 > (CH3)3N > NH3


The basicity of aniline or aromatic amines is less than that of ammonia because aniline is more stable than anilinium ion

Electron releasing groups increase basic strength, e.g. OCH3, –CH3, whereas electron-withdrawing groups like –NO2, –SO3H, –COOH, –X decrease it


Amines react with benzoyl chloride (C6H5COCl)

CH3NH2 + C6H5COCl β†’ CH3NHCOC6H5 + HCl

Carbylamine Reaction

Carbylamine Reaction

Benzenediazonium Chloride

Benzenediazonium Chloride

Hinsberg’s Reagent

Benzenesulphonyl chloride (C6H5SO2Cl)

It reacts with primary and secondary amines to form sulphonamides

Tertiary amines do not react with benzenesulphonyl chloride

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