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Lesser Known Facts About NEET Zoology

Zoology is an integral part of the NEET Syllabus along with Botany, Chemistry and Physics. Biology comprises 50% of the question paper. In the chase to catch up with all subjects, one often tends to miss out on mastering Biology syllabus for NEET, which if done, can just inflate your score levels higher.

With this article, we aim to draw your attention to a few lesser-known facts about zoology which were either not emphasized as much or were overlooked but essential. Be it for the sake of enlightenment or serving as an added advantage over your peers, these realities will certainly be helpful in your NEET preparation.

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NEET Zoology – Facts You Didn’t Know

Fact No. 1 – Biology – The Run Up To Score Better

Dislike Physics and Chemistry being part of NEET? This is for all those candidates who are Biology enthusiasts but have to cover Physics and chemistry as well since it is included in the NEET syllabus.

Where Physics comes with its own sets of formulae, derivations and cumbersome numericals and chemistry with its reactions etc, Zoology is free from them all. It is much easier compared to Physics and chemistry and hence can be mastered for a better score at NEET. Subsequently, while striking a balance between all subjects, if an easier subject like zoology can be mastered, an edge over others can be gained at your NEET attempt.

Fact No. 2 – Diagrams to the rescue

It is a fact that questions on diagrams in the Zoology section of Biology are recurring questions. Over the years, questions on various diagrams and illustrations covered in NEET syllabus have been appearing, if previous trends were closely examined. Diagrams are often overlooked by students as the content is given more importance since it is an objective question-based test rather than descriptive. This assumption can cost you heavily as questions on diagrams are frequently asked. Pay more attention to them.

Fact No. 3 – Most Scoring Chapters

If previous trends are deciphered, a maximum number of questions, over the years have been appearing from chapters of Human Physiology, Animal husbandry and Biotechnology, animal tissues and Biomolecules and so on. In NEET 2020 for instance, 12 questions appeared from the Human Physiology unit alone! One must carefully analyse these areas in Zoology and master them to easily score. Complete comprehension of these key concepts can set the ball rolling for you.

Hope you found this information on zoology helpful. Learn more about NEET, at BYJU’S.

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