NEET Questions - Chapter 11 - Transport In Plants

Transport in plants is the eleventh chapter classified under unit 4, Plant physiology in Class 11 NEET Biology syllabus. Assess your knowledge on the same and find your score here.

Important NEET Questions on Class 11 Chapter 11 Transport In Plants

1. This amongst the following facilitates the opening of stomatal aperture?

(NEET 2017)

A. contraction of outer wall of guard cells

B. longitudinal orientation of cellulose microfibrils in the cell wall of guard cells

C. radial orientation of cellulose microfibrils in the cell wall of guard cells

D. decrease in turgidity of guard cells

2. A few drops of sap were collected by cutting across a plant stem by a suitable method. The sap was tested chemically. Which one of the following test results indicates that it is a phloem sap? (NEET-II 2016)

A. Absence of sugar

B. Low refractive index

C. Alkaline

D. Acidic

3. A column of water within xylem vessels of tall trees do not break under its weight because of (2015)

A. tensile strength of water

B. dissolved sugars in water

C. positive root pressure

D. lignification of xylem vessels

4. This criteria does not pertain to facilitated transport (NEET 2013)

A. High selectively

B. requirement of special membrane proteins

C. uphill transport

D. transport saturation

5. In land plants, the guard cells differ from other epidermal cells in having (2011)

A. chloroplasts

B. endoplasmic reticulum

C. mitochondria

D. cytoskeleton

6. Guttation is the result of (Mains 2011)

A. root pressure

B. osmosis

C. transpiration

D. diffusion

7. The rupture and fractionation do not usually occur in the water column in vessel/tracheids during the ascent of sap because of (2008)

A. cohesion and adhesion

B. transpiration pull

C. lignified thick walls

D. weak gravitational pull

8. The translocation of organic solutes in sieve-tube members is supported by (2006)

A. mass flow involving a carrier and ATP

B. P-proteins

C. root pressure and transpiration pull

D. cytoplasmic streaming

9. Loading of phloem is related to (2001)

A. strengthening of phloem fiber

B. separation of phloem parenchyma

C. elongation of phloem cell

D. increase of sugar in phloem

10. Glycolate induces opening of stomata in (2001)

A. carbon dioxide absent

B. high carbon dioxide

C. low carbon dioxide concentration

D. presence of oxygen

Question Answer Key
1 C
2 C
3 A
4 C
5 A
6 A
7 A
8 B
9 D
10 C

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