Xylem Parenchyma Questions With Answers

Xylem Parenchyma is one of the four elements of the xylem tissue. Xylem parenchyma is the only living cell of xylem with a cell wall made of cellulose. It carries out the critical functionality of storage and radial conduction of water.

1. This tissue is involved in water conduction

(a) Tracheids and trachea

(b) Xylem and Phloem

(c) Schelerenchyma and Parenchyma

(d) Xylem fibers and bast fibers

Answer: (a)

2. Vessels are not present in this

(a) Gnetum

(b) Rose

(c) Pinus

(d) Mango tree

Answer: (c)

3. Xylem consists of

(a) Tracheids, vessels and companion cells

(b) Tracheids, fibers, vessels and parenchyma

(c) Tracheids, Fibers and parenchyma

(d) Traceids, Companion cells, Sieve cells and vessels

Answer: (b)

4. This water-conducting element is considered most advanced

(a) Multiple vessels

(b) Tracheids

(c) Annuular traceids

(d) Simple vessels

Answer: (d)

5. The only living element of the xylem tissue is

(a) Vessels

(b) Tracheids

(c) Xylem Fiber

(d) Xylem Parenchyma

Answer: (d)

6. One of this is not the characteristic of xylem parenchyma

(a) Only living cells of the xylem tissue

(b) The cell wall is thick, made of chitin

(c) They have a prominent nucleus

(d) Cells have large vacuoles and are colourless

Answer: (b)

7. Vessels and tracheids are found in all except

(a) Equisetum

(b) Cycas

(c) Gnetum

(d) Marselia

Answer: (b)

8. The process by which plant tissues becomes woody is

(a) Pectification

(b) Calcification

(c) Suberisation

(d) Lignification

Answer: (d)

9. The tissue having these characteristics is – thin-walled, living, isodiametric with intercellular spaces

(a) Prosenchyma

(b) Aerenchyma

(c) Collenchyma

(d) Parenchyma

Answer: (d)

10. Formation of wood parenchyma takes place from

(a) Ray initials

(b) Fusiform initials

(c) Collenchyma cells

(d) All of the above

Answer: (b)

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