Results of Maharashtra State Board Exams due in 2nd week of June

Harshith Gowda | Last Updated | June 01, 2022, 19:20 IST

Maharashtra HSC result

As per officials, the state board exam results will tentatively be declared by the 2nd week of June. The tentative date is 10th June, but a delay can come in the process due to the effect of teachers of unaided schools protesting the evaluation process.

Teachers of unaided schools have demanded 100% government grants as support, and begun protests for that. Before this protesting demonstration, the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) issued a strict warning, that the teachers who protest, their schools would lose their accreditation and might lose the chance to be considered as an examination centre in the future.

After the protests were calmed, the board officials explained the process of evaluation. The warning was issued by the Board very timely so the protest didn’t affect the evaluation process as much. It is informed that the evaluation by teachers is not the final process. After evaluation the scripts are sent to moderators who compile and process the marks.

The results will be then declared on the MSBSHSE website, www.maharesults.nic. Students must check the “latest notification” section, on the Maharashtra board website, to be updated on the announcement of results.

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