Nitrogen Dioxide Formula

Nitrogen Dioxide formula is explained in this article. It is an extremely poisonous gas. It can function as an inhibitor. It is a pollutant which absorbs UV light and does not allow it to come to the earth’s surface. This chemical compound is paramagnetic consisting of two oxygen atoms connected to a nitrogen atom. The bond angle 134.4° whereas the distance between nitrogen and oxygen is 119.7 pm. The chemical or molecular formula of Nitrogen Dioxide is NO2.

In its gaseous state, it appears as a reddish-brown gas. In its liquid state, it appears as a yellowish-brown coloured compound. It has a pungent to acrid smell. It is toxic when inhaled and absorbed through the skin. Non-combustible, but enhances the burning of combustible materials.

Nitrogen Dioxide Formula Structure

Nitrogen Dioxide Formula

Properties Of Nitrogen Dioxide Formula

Chemical formula of Nitrogen Dioxide NO2
Molecular weight of Nitrogen Dioxide 46.006 g/mol
Density of Nitrogen Dioxide 1.880 g/dm3
Boiling point of Nitrogen Dioxide 21.15 °C
Melting point of Nitrogen Dioxide −9.3 °C

It is obtained by the process of combustion in the presence of air. Air acts as an oxidant. The most common sources of nitrogen dioxide are internal combustion engines, pulp mills, thermal power stations, etc. Exposure to this compound can be fatal. Contact may cause frostbite and burns to eyes and skin.

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