IEO Class 7 Syllabus

Every year, the International English Olympiad (IEO) is held by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) for students in grades 1 to 12. IEO is an English Olympiad where students can compete for a scholarship. The IEO operates on two levels. The first level of the test is held during school hours in the participants’ individual schools. Students in grades 3 to 12 participate in Level 2.

Every year, the Science Olympiad Foundation posts its SOF International English Olympiad syllabus on its official website. Each class has a different curriculum from the others. The SOF IEO Syllabus is entirely based on NCERT books and school textbook syllabuses. In this article, we will discuss the IEO Class 7 Syllabus in detail.

IEO Syllabus for Class 7

  • Total number of questions – 50
  • Time – 1 hour

The syllabus for IEO Class 7 is divided into four sections, each of which includes the topics listed below.

Section 1 Spellings, Locations, Collocations & Words related to Travel, Homonyms & Homophones, Activities, etc. Antonyms, Synonyms, Spellings & Analogies, One Word, Idioms & Phrasal Verbs, Modals, Word Order, Pronouns, Nouns, Adverbs, Verbs, Articles, Adjectives, Conjunctions, Prepositions, Tenses, Punctuation, Narration, & Voices, etc.
Section 2 Search for and retrieve information from various text types such as Brochures, News stories, Advertisements and Informal & formal letters. Understand information given in Itinerary, Brochures, News reports, etc. Acquire a broad understanding of and look for particular information in Biographies, short Narratives, Messages and Notices, etc.
Section 3 Ability to understand situation-based variations in functions like refusing and requesting, expression of intent, Apologies and stating of preferences, etc.
Section 4 Higher-order thinking questions include the syllabus as per 1st, 2nd and 3rd sections.

Points to be Remembered While Preparing for IEO

  • Read a lot of books, periodicals, and novels.
  • Keep an eye on new terms and attempt to write down anything you come across.
  • Use English to communicate with your classmates.
  • Try writing your own short pieces, which can range from a description of your day to a critique of the movie you just saw.
  • Don’t pay attention to words you don’t understand.
  • It’s critical to recognise your strengths and work on your weaknesses
  • Don’t make the same error repeatedly.

Frequently Asked Questions on IEO Class 7 Syllabus

What role does the International English Olympiad play in the education of students?

English is frequently regarded as the international language of communication. As a result, being fluent in English is critical for boosting a student’s confidence, and tests like the IEO can help with that. Students enhance their vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension abilities, which will help them stand out from the crowd in the near and distant future.

What is the IEO Olympiad syllabus?

The Olympiad follows the syllabus provided by the various state boards including ICSE and CBSE.

How many times can we attempt IEO?

Students can apply for IEO every year. It will allow them to improve previous rankings, and they will again be eligible for certificates and prizes.

What is the structure of the IEO Exam?

The English Olympiad test is divided into two stages, with students progressing to the second after passing the first. The second level is more challenging and complicated since it includes advanced questions that demand a more in-depth and analytical comprehension of the subjects. Students are chosen for the second level based on their first-level performance; only the best students advance to the following level.

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